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Bespoke Floral Designer

. T E S T I M O N I A L S .

From start to finish, Annie was utterly impeccable. I really cannot recommend a better floral designer. She really cares about her clients and we felt totally held in mind by her. We had a few ideas at the start, in terms of colour, however this changed at a later date and Annie was extremely patient and helpful with us. Every stage of the process felt bespoke to us as a couple. She even went the extra mile with additional flowers we requested only days in advance. We didn't see the flowers until the day of our wedding and I was blown away when I saw her work in the marquee! Annie's floral designs brought the marquee to life!! Thank you so so much again, you were amazing and we hope to keep in touch.

D & L
21 . 05 . 2022 


Annie brought her warmth, her beautiful touch and such wonderful detail to our wedding day. She put thought, care and consideration into every element and every arrangement felt so perfectly us. Annie made the process so special, with lovely conversations and inspiration that was so personal. She went above and beyond our expectations, sourcing silk ribbons, finding candles and making up beautiful bunches for our family to take home.

Annie, thank you so much for making our day.

M & L

09 . 06 . 2022


As a photographer specialising in capturing the essence of weddings, I've had the pleasure of witnessing countless floral arrangements. However, when it’s Annie I know the florals will be next level exquisite.

Annie's designs are a celebration of nature's beauty, meticulously crafted to reflect the colors, shapes, and tones found in the natural world. It's evident that Annie draws inspiration from the organic elements around her, infusing her arrangements with a sense of life and vitality that is simply captivating.

What sets Annie apart is her unwavering commitment to excellence. Every stem, every petal is carefully selected and placed with precision, resulting in arrangements that are not only visually stunning but also incredibly cohesive and harmonious. It's this attention to detail that sets her apart as a true professional in her field.

Having been thoroughly impressed by Annie's work, I knew I had to collaborate with her for a workshop I was producing. Her expertise and passion for her craft shone through, sharing her knowledge and insights with warmth and enthusiasm. She really took on board the brief but was able to bring her aesthetic and vibe to the project.

In a world where mediocrity often prevails, Annie Jowett Floristry is a breath of fresh air. Her dedication to her craft, combined with her innate talent and creativity, makes her a force to be reckoned with in the world of floral design. Whether you're planning a wedding, hosting an event, or simply looking to brighten someone's day, I wholeheartedly recommend Annie Jowett Floristry for an experience that is nothing short of extraordinary


G . H

25 . 04 . 2023

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